Thursday, September 10, 2009

Testing out ISO Master

I was trying out ISO Master tonight, as I need a tool to manipulate ISO files. I'm trying to create my first multi-distro Live CD. I downloaded the tarball from without any problems.

To extract the tarball, you can either browse via nautilus to the isomaster-1.3.6.tar.bz2, right click and extract here, or you can do extract the tarball the fun way by using the terminal. My perfered terminal application is Terminator. Open up Terminator, browse to the folder where you have the .tar.bz2 located at and run the following command

tar -xvjf isomaster-1.3.6.tar.bz2

This will extract the contents of the tarball into a folder named "isomaster-1.3.6."

Next you want to type "cd isomaster-1.3.6" to change directories to "isomaster-1.3.6" folder.

Within the folder you will a very detailed and well laid out README.TXT file that explains exactly what you need to do to install ISO Master. If you are using Ubuntu, all you have to do is run the following commands to install the application:

sudo make install

When all is said and done, you will have a new application installed called ISO Master. I highly recommend that you check out this excellent piece of software that is supported extremely well by Mr. Andrew Smith. Mr. Smith helped me out tremendously in resolving an error message that I received the first time I tried to install ISO Master from the source tarball. Mr. Smith replied within minutes of me sending him an email about my questions and the error message I received. Mr. Smith gave me detailed feedback and instructions about how to resolve the problem & it worked like a charm. Not only is ISO Master a well made application, it's developer, Mr. Smith provides excellent support and is very open to feedback. Mr. Smith's prompt response to my inquiry about his application is just one more reason why I love using Linux which is my primary operating system of choice over Windows and Apple OS X.

Linux is here to stay and the sky is the limits of where this vibrant and fluid operating system called Linux can go because of developers like Mr. Andrew Smith who are making extremely useful applications for anyone to use.

Check out ISO Master when you get the time at because it is a top notch piece of software to add to your Linux OS. Share/Save/Bookmark

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