Sunday, April 4, 2010

Apple iPad v. Amazon Kindle - Round 1

Both the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle are amazing devices. I have personally been able to spend some time with both devices recently and I wanted to share my initial impressions of both. The Amazon Kindle is good at what it does, display books in electronic format for reading. The Amazon Kindle 2 and the DX version are single purpose devices for reading only. The Apple iPad is a multi-purpose device that can be used as an ereader and much more. For the sake of rating the ereading experience alone on both devices, I believe that Apple provides a richer experience in ways that the Amazon Kindle can't. First, the Apple iPad is in color and the Amazon Kindle is not. In favor of the Kindle 2, it is priced lower than the iPad. However, the iPad is competitively price in the same range as the Amazon Kindle DX. If you are in the market for a purely simple ereader device and that is the only thing you want to do with the device and you did not plan to read PDF documents, I'd recommend the Amazon Kindle 2 to you. But if you were in need of a larger screen, and wanted to manipulate and interact with more content beyond books, then I'd go with the iPad.

As I spend more time with either device, I'll be posting further comments about the Kindle and iPad. If you have either device, please feel welcomed to share your testimony & review of your favorite ereader with the readers of Anything But Windows blog. Share/Save/Bookmark